What are customized meal plans?

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Recipes created and tested by a team of nutrition experts!

Wanting to feed yourself and your family healthier meals takes time to plan.  Let Dr. Dee make things easier. Sign-up for one of her tested meal plans below. You choose the recipes, you purchase the food- leave planning up to Dr. Dee and her team of professionals!

How it works

Every week you can log into your account to view your meal plan.  This includes 3 meals and a snack for each day of your selected plan!  All of the plans Dr. Dee offers focus on whole foods, easy to follow recipes and a grocery list to make your life easier.  Plans start at just $9/month. 

What will you get?

  • A new meal plan each week
  • Nutrient dense easy-to-follow recipes
  • Access to the recipe data base 
  • Less stress around meal planning
  • Increase of quality time

Try it first!

Try it before you buy it! Take advantage of the FREE 3-day trial on any of the meal plans below. 

customized meal plans


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Get your metabolism humming and jump-start your health with this 4-week functional detoxification plan.  


culinary medicine

Aimed at stabilizing blood sugar, maintaining a healthy weight, normalizing hormones and reducing inflammation associated with many chronic diseases.  


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These plans contain 100% plant-based recipes that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients known to be anti-inflammatory. 



This 3-week rotating meal plan is grounded in the principles of integrative and functional nutrition and emphasizes the importance of high-quality foods and phytonutrient diversity. 


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This flexible meal plan is customizable and contains simple recipes the whole family can enjoy!  If you have a flexible lifestyle- this plan is for you!


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This meal plan contains low-glycemic recipes aimed at helping to stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight. It is moderate in carbohydrates and high in fiber. 

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, please check with your healthcare professional before beginning this plan.