Public Speaking

Additional Information

Professional Presentations

  • Call for fees. 
  • From Atlanta/ Roswell 
  • Will speak to local groups, keynotes, and prepare scholarly presentations
  • Pre-set and custom topics (culinary medicine, functional medicine, culinary nutrition, sports nutrition, anti-aging, lifestyle, nutrient synergy and more!)

Corporate Lunch and Learns 

  • 30 minute presentations onsite at work. Handouts. Various topics. 

Small Group Classes 

  • Check calendar monthly.
  • Schedule a group class for your private function.

Dr. Dee is a nationally recognized expert and sought after speaker.  Her primary focus is culinary and functional nutrition. She has preset talks from 30 mins to 2 hours in duration or can create a presentation to "wow" your crowd.  If you  have a kitchen, she can integrate a culinary demonstration.  She speaks to academics, physicians, dietitians as well as to local scale groups like high-school athletes, teams or church groups.  Dr. Dee will strive to make an authentic and personal connection to your group- large or small.  Her style is conversation with factual density.   

Sample Presentation

 Dr. Dee icreated an online class portal. Click the link below to take you to her FREE Food as Medicine course. You can preview her ideas and presentation style.