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Personal Lifestyle Functional Medicine Concierge

  • This is a premium nutrition counseling coaching service for individuals looking for a personalized plan to reverse disease, halt-aging or promote vitality. 
  • This service is designed for each client's unique health concerns and includes a full lifestyle medicine plan.
  • *Functional Medicine Lifestyle plans may include meal plans, recipes, monthly support via email, follow-up visits, virtual sessions, exercise prescriptions, meditation and relaxation prescriptions, and supporting ancilary material such as video and website links specifically curated for each client. 

Nutrition Assessments/ Nutrition Counseling

  • This service includes a full functional assessment and plan. 
  • Dr. Dee specializes in disease prevention, anti-aging, G.I. issues, auto-immunity, food and spirit, pediatrics, sports nutrition and more.  
  • This service may include meal plans and/or exercise prescriptions. 

Virtual Nutrition Counseling/ Wellness Coaching

  • Talk through your nutrition concerns and co-create a plan for health based on functional medicine principles..  
  • Dr. Dee is the registered dietitian who can meet you anywhere- not just in Roswell! 
  • This service includes a full virtual functional nutrition counseling session and plan based upon the client's presenting concerns. 

Sports Nutrition Evaluations

  • Dr. Dee will fully assess an athlete's concerns whether it be fat loss, muscle mass increase, or performance increases.
  • Included is a personalized plan to meet goals. 
  • She has experience with both pediatric and adult athletes in various sports. 

Public Speaking

  • Call for fees. 
  • From Atlanta/ Roswell local groups to keynotes to scholarly presentations, Dr. Dee has you covered. 
  • Pre-set and custom topics (culinary medicine, functional medicine, culinary nutrition, sports nutrition, anti-aging, lifestyle, nutrient synergy and more!)

Corporate Lunch and Learns

  • 30 minute presentations onsite at work. Handouts. Various topics. 

Small Group Classes

  • Check calendar monthly.
  • Schedule a group class for your private function.

*What is Functional Medicine?

About Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a systems biology approach to addressing the underlying or "root" causes of disease.  One premise is active engagment of the practitioner in the therapeutic partnership. Considered a patient oriented approach to healthcare, functional medicine practitioners spend more time with their patients than traditional healthcare practitioners. Dr. Dee specializes in a full, lifestyle approach to both assessment and client plans. 

Dr. Dee's approach enhances the vibrant health potential of each individual client.  She encourages clients to actively engage in developing their lifestyle plans to be sure that all clients can make the changes they desire to reach their health outcomes. 

Functional Medicine is based upon 6 Core Principles: 

1.  IT'S PERSONALIZED: All clients are viewed individually.  All humans have biochemical individualities which means different genetics, lifestyle influences and physiology. Growing up near a chemical plant vs growing up in the mountains may be affecting a client's ability to reach vibrancy. All symptoms are clues which help Dr. Dee unravel each client's unique health story.  

2. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: A functional approach to health includes the idea that the patient-practitioner relationship is at the heart of each client plan. Looking at health from a client-centered perspective offers an individualized vs disease centered outcome.  

3. DYNAMIC BALANCE:  Functional medicine practitioners seek to establish a dynamic balance among the internal and external factors affecting each client.  At the heart of each plan is attention to the external body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Dee helps clients to make connections on a deep level.

4. RESPECT FOR THE INTERCONNECTION OF PHYSIOLGY: Dr. Dee evaluates all client symptoms to try to find the root cause of the problem.  Understanding and respecting the interconnection of all systems and how symptoms overlap these systems allows for a personalized and effective plan to be created.

5. VIBRANCY: The absence of disease does not indicate health. Patient plans are designed to promote positive vitality or a vigorous physiology.

6. ORGAN RESERVE:  Functional medicine seeks to enhance the healthspan vs the lifespan. What does this mean?  It means that Dr. Dee helps patients to reverse disease and build up their systems with a goal of healthier-not just longer- lifes.  

culinary medicine

culinary medicine

What Dr. Dee Offers

counseling session

Counseling and Education

Counseling and Education

Counseling and Education

Nutrition Assessments

Virtual Education Sessions

Group Education Classes

Corporate Lunch and Learns

All services personalized!  

Call today for a phone consultation to determine if Dr. Dee is a good fit to lead you to optimal health. At your first nutrition counseling visit, she will thoroughly discuss your goals, habits and challenges using a functional medicine rubric, before devising a personalized plan for you.

group classes

Public Speaking

Counseling and Education

Counseling and Education

Dr. Dee is a nationally recognized expert and sought after speaker.  Her primary focus is culinary and functional nutrition. She has preset talks from 30 mins to 2 hours in duration or can create a presentation to "wow" your crowd.  If you  have a kitchen, she can integrate a culinary demonstration.  She speaks to academics, physicians, dietitians as well as to local scale groups like high-school athletes, teams or church groups.  Dr. Dee will strive to make an authentic and personal connection to your group- large or small.  Her style is conversation with factual density. 

nutrition class


Counseling and Education


Dr. Dee has created university curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels including degree and program development and specific course development.  She is familiar with ACEND and SACS criteria and has helped design data gathering and storage systems at the university level. She has worked with restaurants on concepts and menus.  She has an extensive background in non-profit leadership including conference planning, program development and fundraising. As a PhD Registered Dietitian with advanced certification in functional medicine, her programming ideas lead the field.